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Nanette’s story: experiencing is believing

The decision to select hearing aids can be emotional. FLEX:TRIAL with its ‘try before you buy’ option made all the difference for Nanette. Watch Nanette’s story to find out why.

Nanette’s journey to better hearing

The questions and challenges Nanette faced before taking the first step to address her hearing loss are not uncommon. Follow her journey in these video diaries.

Perception of Hearing Aids

At 63 years young, Nanette did not think she was a candidate for hearing aids.

Recognizing her hearing loss

Nanette shares the effect hearing loss was having on her life.

Making a confident choice

Being able to try a hearing aid customized to fit her lifestyle gives Nanette assurance.

Overall impression

The stigma is lifted and the benefits of wearing a hearing aid are clear to Nanette.

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