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Smallest in

the world

Now that’s


Moxi Now is the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class.

It’s sweet being the world’s smallest


Moxi Now is the world’s smallest wireless RIC and the newest member of the award-winning Moxi family.


It may be the smallest,

but it’s bursting with features




This newest addition to the most design-focused lineup of RICs delivers amazing comfort, beautiful aesthetics and intuitive functionality, all powered by the North platform.

The smallest are often the sweetest


Even though Moxi Now is the world’s smallest hearing instrument in its class, we still managed to pack in all the features and functionality you need to give your patients the best hearing experience possible.


Technology level availability may vary by market


Discreet hearing has never looked better


Available in an array of colors, Moxi Now offers patients the perfect choice to suit their style.

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