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The rechargeable
revolution continues


Our latest rechargeable
solutions have freedom
at their core



Freedom to charge and go
Freedom to never run out of charge
Freedom to choose between four styles



Keep scrolling to see how our rechargeables are overthrowing the status quo.





A freedom

Super-charged freedom has arrived with Max SP R – a rechargeable* solution for

patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss. It joins a family of hearing

instruments that lets patients stay in the conversation all day, every day.

This means we can offer the flexibility of rechargeable for every

type of hearing loss. 

*Max SP R available early 2019

Charge every night for
a full day of listening



Get more enjoyable conversations every day, all day.
Simply remove the rechargeables from the charging base
and put them on, with no fuss or buttons to fiddle with.






It frees my clients from the worry
of their batteries going dead at
the most inconvenient times.

Lynne, hearing healthcare
professional from the UK



Rechargeable kit also compatible with Moxi Fit and Stride M on the North platform
Color availability varies by style




All of our rechargeable solutions are powered by
Tempus, our newest platform that is the best
in conversations.

Swap in disposable
batteries any time


Hearing happens around the clock. That’s why we provide the flexibility to swap the rechargeable batteries for disposable batteries any time, so you never miss a conversation.





Hearing is critical and it's not
always between the hours of
8 a.m. and 10 p.m.


hearing aid wearer



70% of patients
want rechargeable
hearing instruments.*


Contact your Unitron representative
today to give patients the rechargeable
solution they’ve been looking for.




*Rechargeable hearing aid preferences survey., August 2016

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