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Over-amplification is over

Meet Max – the only Super Power hearing instrument that fights over-amplification to protect hearing health, while also maximizing speech intelligibility.

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Super Power BTEs

Max delivers high-performance features in both a Super Power BTE with a 675 battery
and a Super Power mini BTE with a 13 battery. Both styles are developed with the power
to stand up to water, corrosion and extreme elements.

Get to know Max

Three technology levels

Max 20   Max 6   Max E

Speech intelligibility with the power of three

Max features work in harmony to maximize speech intelligibility
without compromising environmental awareness.


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"Max gives me sound awareness that’s uncompromised, and keeps me connected to my environment."

Jennifer Roman, Hearing Instrument Specialist


Colors for everyone

What hue grabs you?

And accessories too

Expand the possibilities

Peace of mind wherever your patients go

We believe a warranty is a warranty, no matter where you are

With international offices and partners in 65 countries around the globe
our hearing instruments can travel worry free.

A Sonova brand
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