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Apps get them talking.

Our family of apps are designed to help you and your
patients through every step of their listening journey.



This simple self-administered hearing test helps people with hearing loss take that first step to better hearing.




Our uControl app lets patients adjust their hearing instruments and share in-the-moment feedback on performance. They get a sense of control over their hearing experiences, while you get a clear picture of their listening realities.


Start Here

The Start Here app is designed to increase engagement during a patient’s first visit to the clinic. It guides them and their companions through a range of topics that better prepare them for the discussions they will have about their hearing journey.



uHear kiosk app

Bring more patients into your clinic with uHear kiosk, the interactive screening app. Simply download it and install it on a kiosk in a high-traffic area, like a hospital or pharmacy, and let potential patients test their hearing and request a follow-up call or email from you. All results are automatically forwarded to you.

A Sonova brand
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