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Conversations drive the world.

Tempus drives conversations.


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Our newest platform is the latest proof of our passion for bringing technologies to market that help patients solve their biggest complaints around conversations. The extremely high performance of Tempus conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging – conversations in noise and crowds.



What's inside the
best conversations?



There’s something worth hearing inside every conversation. Now you have the power to bring patients even closer to the heart of conversations they don’t want to miss with Insera, our latest in-the-ear (ITE) family. Only on Tempus.





Only the most powerful technology inside Insera


Availability starts with the best of the best. Insera Pro and 800 level technology provides your patients 100% coverage across all seven automatic program environments, four dedicated to conversations. And the most powerful features on Tempus, like SpeechPro and Spatial Awareness. Learn more:


All technology levels available October 2017.








In-clinic support

Everything you need to start fitting Insera 

is available for download here.






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more accurate*








in conversations


*Compared to the North platform in recognizing and locating speech

Take command of conversations.


Life is full of great conversations, every one different than the last. Now, thanks to our intelligent SoundCore technology, patients can make the most of them all. Our group of four features work together to understand a patient’s listening environment, making the fluid adjustments needed so patients can actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.

Meet the families that love conversations.

Unitron TrueFit

New patient insight visualisations make it even easier.




Also available as an online update in v3.1 and later




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