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Flex makes it easier

Remove barriers and get more patients wearing hearing instruments with Flex




of Flex customers believe it improves the patient experience


of Flex customers report an increase in the number of patients purchasing  


of Flex customers report that Flex:trial helps fit higher technology levels

Flex is a unique business solution


Flex:trial helps to reduce barriers associated with purchasing and wearing hearing instruments. It’s a demonstration device that gives you limitless options to provide quality patient interactions, with the ability to easily program devices to different technology levels, over and over again.


Flex:upgrade is a unique way to address evolving patient needs, while giving them the confidence that they have flexibility if things change again in the future. It allows you to instantly provide a higher level of technology to your patients in the hearing instrument they are wearing right now.


Take your evaluations

to a whole new level


We provide the evidence you need to make the best-informed decisions, and the patient perceptions required to understand how they feel about their hearing instrument performance. When you combine these patient insights with Flex, you build trust, intensify engagement and differentiate your practice.


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Get Flex — it’s exclusive to Unitron and
a unique business benefit of partnering with us.
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Flex is feeling the love

Hearing healthcare professionals around the world are using Flex right now to support their in-clinic success. And they couldn’t be more pleased with the results.


“Flex helps with patient acceptance.”

Krista Hearn

Quality Care Hearing

“Flex helps you build trust with your patients.”

Pádraig MacGinty

North West Hearing Clinic, Ireland

“Flex gets patients hearing better right away.”

Bill Diles

Kenwood Hearing Centers, United States


Nanette’s story: Flex:trial made the difference

Like so many of your patients, Nanette, a retired commercial pilot, had delayed seeking help for hearing loss. Given the opportunity to “try before she buys” made all the difference.

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