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When you partner with Unitron, you’ll enjoy the Flex advantage. Flex is a unique business solution that lets you send home patients from their first appointment with a no-obligation trial of the hearing technology level you recommend. It also lets you upgrade existing wearers to the next technology level on the spot. And it’s only from Unitron.


Celebrating 50 years

This year marks an important milestone for Unitron – we turn 50!   And as we look back over half a century in the hearing healthcare industry, we have a few stories to share.  We invite you to read this special issue of The Unitron magazine where we highlight the innovations, partnerships and people that have shaped the company we are today.    


The best Kiss leaves a lasting impression

Moxi Kiss is the winner of two international product design awards.   We are honored to have the intelligent design and luxurious finish of Moxi Kiss recognized by the world’s leading design experts. We always knew Moxi Kiss was special.  Now the rest of the world does too.

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Learn the importance of purchasing Unitron hearing instruments from a qualified hearing healthcare professional.

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