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We have juicy news! The newest member of the Moxi family is also the world’s smallest wireless RIC.






Moxi Now is the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class.

Putting patients first in product design

When we design our hearing instruments, we view every detail through the lens of the patient. Then we bundle in industry-first technologies, so patients get a highly satisfying listening experience in hearing instruments that they are comfortable wearing all day, every day.

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Consider the boundaries pushed

Our North platform is powering a whole new direction in natural sound. With the best dynamic range, clean handling of signals and seamless algorithm integration, it’s taking sound quality to a place it’s never been before.

Flex: Blast down every barrier

Patients can build their barriers to accepting amplification pretty high. Flex, makes it easier to take every one of them down, so everyone has the most positive experience.

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