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Start Here


Our fully customizable Start Here app lets you begin putting patients and their companions at ease from the moment they walk into your clinic:


  • Lets them know what to expect at their first appointment
  • Acquaints them with the basic concepts of sound and how the ear works
  • Prepares them for what to expect after the hearing test
  • Provides answers to frequently asked questions

Meet the app that helps create a great experience



The Start Here app is designed to educate patients and their companions, reducing anxiety so they are prepared to have the kind of open, engaged discussion with you that builds trust and contributes to your in-clinic success.

Customize the app to your clinic





Make the app your own



  • Put a friendly face forward by uploading a custom welcome image


  • Add a personal welcome screen to your app


  • Check and uncheck boxes to make the content visible to those using your app

We’re here to help

Although we designed the Start Here app to be really easy to set up and use, we also put together an instruction guide.

A Sonova brand
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